Our Story


Who We Are

The Boardwalk has been around since February 2012 and has gained mass appeal in the town of Brockport for its affordable prices, generous portions, quality food, and excellent service.
The Boardwalk believes in quality food paired with top service to provide its customers the best possible experience. The Boardwalk is privately owned, and supports other local businesses in the community. Here at The Boardwalk, we believe in supporting those that will support us, without our loyal customers and other small businesses in Brockport, we would not be here.


Our Philosophy

The Boardwalk family believes in quality food and service above all else. We enjoy providing a cozy, friendly environment where customers can enjoy high quality food and service with their friends and family.

The Boardwalk family works each and every day to improve the restaurant to benefit the experience of all involved in the dining experience at The Boardwalk.


Our Food

Our menu and dinner specials includes several diverse items that appeals to lovers of: Steak, seafood, gourmet sandwiches, BBQ ribs, beer battered fish fry, Italian dishes, delectable salads, and to die for appetizers.

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